We could for sure write a hole essay about this wedding and how amazing the environment in Iceland is. But the fact is, Linda & Ingvar are probably the most beautiful and nicest people we ever photographed and we are totally in love with Iceland! When we took the flight from cold Sweden to an even colder Iceland we didn’t know what was waiting for us, since it was our first destination wedding. But the love and kindness from the couple and their families really made us feel like we were a given part of the wedding and that we had known each other for a long time. When the day had come to an end we were invited to stay for the wedding dinner as guests! And even tough we didn’t understand much of the speeches, we were very touched and could still feel the emotions in the air. Pure love!

Couple: Linda & Ingvar
Date: 8 Augusti
Location: Akureyri, Iceland
Package: 5 timmar 




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